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If you are signing up for Sea Base make sure your e-check payments actually go through.  I made my 30 day payment 5 days early after the initial deposit.  Everything looked fine.  Got a confirmation email of payment.  No problem.

This week I wanted to check when our next payment is due and I noticed that I was overdue for my 30 day payment.  It said the payment had been cancelled but I never got a notification of this.  Contacted Sea Base and they said they would check and assured me my Crews were not cancelled.  Called the bank and the funds had never been transferred but there were sufficient funds and had not been cancelled on their end.   Not sure whose fault it was but I'm glad I checked.  Submitted payment again and then called the bank to make sure the funds transferred.  They did.

Sea Base is using a new reservation system and they do not have all the bugs worked out yet.  I would definitely make sure your funds transfer from your bank to Sea Base.



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