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Leatherworking Research - Cub Scouts

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I'm doing some research about leatherworking in scout troops and packs.







I'm doing some research about leatherworking in Scouts.

For Cub Scout Packs:

How often do you do leatherworking in the pack?

Who owns the tools?  Pack, Scouter, borrowed, other.

Do you have a problem keeping track of the tools from year to year?

How much do you spend every year replacing tools that get lost or stolen?

How much do you spend on new tools every year to expand your collection?

How much do you spend on other related items, not including projects.

What kinds of projects do you do?

For packs that don't do any leatherwork other than camps and expos:

     Would you like to?

     What would you need?

    What kind of projects would you like to do?     



Any help with this would be appreciated.





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