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Games for scouts from around the world - my Woodbadge ticket!

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Hi fellow scouters,

For my final Woodbadge ticket item on diversity, I am writing an eBook (which will become freely available to anyone) called 'Games for Scouts from around the World', but I need help!

I need to gather a collection of games that are played (preferably by cub/boy scouts) from different countries. Even better, if I can dedicate each contribution to a particular pack/troop (and even better still with a great quality photo of those scouts playing the game!).

If you are, or have contacts in, a country other than the USA, I would love to hear from you with your games ideas! It's going to be a great book :)

Thank you in anticipation,

Vicki Armstrong 

Cub scout pack 527 and W4-51-16 (California, USA)

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