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What's Next? (Volunteers)

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1. With your experience, join the Pack committee for a year.  Maybe they need you, maybe they don't, but having you available is an asset to them.

2. Join the District committee.  OK passing on the program chair.  Volunteer for the recruiting/membership committee and tell all those older Troop centric wonderful volunteers that the best way to help Scouting is to do a better job recruiting Cubs.

3. Watch, listen, and learn on the Troop side.  Troops are different than Packs obviously but the big difference is Troops are different than Troops, in addition to being different than Packs.  Learn how "a" Troop operates and then learn how your son's Troop operates.  After a year figure out where the holes and needs are and volunteer to fill that hole or need that you would enjoy doing the work.


I've been a member of our pack committee since 2012. It's one of my absolute favorite "roles", as I've been able to help so much on it. I definitely plan to continue attending those meetings as it was stressed today (while starting setup at B&G) that they could use my help at both our twilight camp coming up as well as a pack camp out. Since boy scouts also assist with the pack camp outs, I could assist along with my son when needed (along with the other Troop scouts that usually help out with the Cubs.)

Thank you, too, on the solid troop advice. I will definitely not take that lightly and will pay attention (and ask questions, which everyone knows I have no problem doing. :D )

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Faith:   Just saw you post.   Thank you for your energy and obvious organizational skills.  


Something not yet mentioned:   Cub Scout Day Camp.  Being one of the Camp Directors (Program,  Campsite, Prime Director, or however your District names them) can be a very rewarding and fun thing. You can do such as a Commissioner, or Assistant Scoutmaster or just an interested Scout Volunteer.   Being recognized in a neighborhood grocery and having a Boy Scout age (!!)  boy point me out to his parent as "that archery man" is one of my favorite things .

My Good Wife was the CSDC Director for her five year term and I know (despite some occasional word to the contrary) enjoyed every challenging minute of it. 

I therefore became the "First Assistant Everything Else" (my official title !) . Mention Cub Scouts and things happen.  Free or cheap gear and supplies. Special appearances (astronauts, trucks, bulldozers,  hawks, raccoons,  airplanes and helicopters, Egyptian pyramids,  knights on horseback !)  .  And the Cubs eat it up, despite their parent's misgivings.    Contact the District folks and raise your hand and say "I want to take the training and help ".  you and lots of other folks will be glad you did.


See you on the trail.


Thank you. :) It's funny you mention that camp. We had it my son's Wolf, Bear & Webelos summers. Then last year, we didn't because the camp director left, the other camp (can't think of the position) bailed and we were too late to get anyone else to help. We relied too heavily on the same two people for 5 years to do it (which means years before my time, too) so when they were both suddenly gone, we were in a hole.


That being said, we just sent two people last weekend to training for day camp (we do twilight camp.) One of them has enough peppiness & spunk for 50 people, the other is more organized than I am. I think they will both be great for the next few (however many years they choose, hopefully the full 5) but I did offer today to go to the 8 hour training and help when I'm not working this summer in wherever they need me. We have 5 people trained for range officers so this year, we are covered there. My best friend agreed to do the same as far as volunteering at camp and with the pack (she's my current assistant den leader as well) and will be making all their signage, etc. She doesn't even have a cub scout, she just really loves helping out. I've did some training over the past few years but plan to do more.


I was also approached about being a merit badge counselor (my area of "knowledge" is technology due to my job) and I plan to maybe do that if time allows.


Again, thank you!

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