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One outing, multiple requirments?

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So, I'm new to scouts.  My son joined last September as a Tiger.  And scouts is nothing like when I was a kid.  I understand the new requirements basically prevent kids from getting their badge by blue and gold.  So keeping in mind kids love to accomplish stuff I'm wondering what the rule is for using one outing to work on multiple requirements.  For example.  The tigers have 2 electives that require a trip to a police station.  One for safe and smart, (which actually is any emergency responder) and one for rolling tigers to talk about bike safety.  So could that one outing be used for both electives?  Providing they meet the requirement.  I get that if time allowed going to two different places would be ideal.  However the adventures already take 2 to 3 meetings to complete, and if a boy wanted to try and earn all the adventure loops, multiple outings like this would be extremely difficult.

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