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Popcorn sales - local business

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Just curious about how anyone has handled in the past approaching local businesses to see if they'll buy popcorn. Have you done it blind? To businesses you know or have links to in your pack personnel? What sort of businesses have you approached? Do you call first or just drop in? Does the credit for those sales go to the pack or to the individual scout / family who initiated the contact with the local business?


Its not an approach to selling popcorn I've really done in the past or thought about, just curious to see if anyone has done it, if it worked well,was worth the effort etc etc.

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Haven't done it with popcorn, but have with our fundraiser, holiday wreaths. We've had Scouts take the initiative and go door-to-door down business blocks with tremendous success. We've also had Troop Adults who work in an appropriate type of business post flyers for the sale and in one case, the owner asks everyone who comes in if they'd like to buy (note: a Scout makes the request to do these things, typically - in some circumstances, the "profit" goes to the Troop to help backfill our costs). We also have a strong link to our Alumni, many of whom really enjoy having a Scout stop by to make a sale.

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