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Scouts don't want to recruit

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I can't believe there's someone on here arguing against competition. [and apologies in advance to the mods as I'm about to go even farther afield from the thread starters questions]


A few years ago, my former CC and I had a mutual epiphany. We attended a District-sponsored meeting about membership, the focus of which was the fact that in our area there are 3 very, very large Troops and about 15 very small Troops. At the time, our Troop was one of the small ones - I think we had 9 Scouts, all but two of whom were 16 or older. We were headed for extinction.


So the discussion was had there about "feeder Packs." I found myself, due to this epiphany which took place during this discussion, arguing against the idea of feeder Packs, even though it would benefit and probably "save" my own Troop. The important thing - the ONLY important thing - is that boys get in, and stay in, Scouting. The program benefits are so massive that whatever means we have to use short of forcing somebody at gunpoint to participate is justified. IF WE TAKE AWAY TROOP CHOICE FROM FAMILIES, WE LOSE SCOUTS. Doing so would be a failure based on our own ego.


It makes no difference whether a boy joins my Troop or a mega-Troop, a Troop near to home, one his Pack traditionally Crosses Over to, or one he has to travel "past 15 Troops" to attend. Boys need Scouting and Scouting needs boys. Every boy that gives Scouting a try is a "win" for everyone involved in the program.


If you have a problem of too few Cub Scouts to go around, the answer is MORE CUB SCOUTS. I work very, very hard on recruiting Cub Scouts for our local Packs, most of whom "feed" other Troops. My wife, myself and another Troop Adult attended "Back to School" or other events at a dozen grade schools in our area this past Scout Year recruiting for these Packs. Do something to help your local Packs grow - that will grow Scouting and ultimately grow your Troop. More Cub Scouts is the answer to most of the problems facing Troops.

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