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Summer camp should be enjoyable.

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I like the Scoutmaster MB at Woodruff. You get points for taking a nap or kicking a boy out of your chair.



I told my sons that camp is for those things that are hard to do at home; outdoor adventure, aquatics, etc. We have had some scouts whose parents made them take 5 MB's on the rush to Eagle...can't say they had fun. Boys today are so overscheduled it is important that they have some 'off' time each day--but it depends on the age of the scout. We let the older (and mature) boys a bit more freedom and the younger guys get more structured activities (group climbs, swim time, etc).

A few years ago one of the older Scouts decided my camp chair was the place for a nap -- and it was, if you were me. So I painted his toe nails pink -- with the leather dye out of the crafts box. It finally wore off by the end of the summer, about the time his job as a lifeguard wrapped up. His father still cracks up laughing anytime anyone mentions it. The kid not so much so.
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Camp is supposed to be fun. National standards require a camp to leave time available for patrols or troops to have independent program in their campsite. Sadly, the majority of the leaders and parnets attending summer camp with a troop probably don't possess the skills needed to have separate programs. The troops tend to rely on the camp and staff to offer program for them.
Twocubdad, you misunderstand me. I don't think the camp should offer programming all the time. I said that the Troops and parents expect it. We add lots of open program in the late afternoon and evening. It's available and we don't force them to do anything. They can choose to nap, go on a hike, hit the trading post, free swim, whatever they darn well please. We offer it because the Troops expect it and want it. We don't make them participate.
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