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?? behavior - how common?

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I am a glaring example of an Eagle run amok. I earned my Eagle in 1976 and then went away to college several months later. The next ten years are filled with questionable behavior. But then I grew up and went right back to what I knew was right. Back to my faith in God. Back to the Twelve Points. I am well known now for being very conservative. People don't believe I was ever that "wild child".


So, I guess I am not overly concerned when a young Eagle strays, as most young men will tend to do. I am more concerned with what he becomes later on down the path. And I will contend that most, like myself, straighten up and fly right.

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It's crazy that an Eagle Scout is thought of as the "better than thou Person". At the end of the day, they are just kids that belong to an organization that required a certain amount of commitment that got lots of support (or push) by parents. Just like the kid that played football or basketball since he was 5, worked hard and goes off to college and parties and has lots of girlfriends. Some make it through and turn out ok, others aren't so lucky.


It's not only Eagles, lots of folks think scouting is "better than thou" I guess it's in the eyes of the beholder.



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Not that long back, I was chatting with a inmate in jail.

If memory serves me well? I seem to remember that he convicted of murder.

He was/is a nice enough fellow.

A real hard worker, even in jail.

He mentioned that he'd been a Boy Scout and had really enjoyed and learned from having been a Scout.

He came from a not very nice part of Philadelphia.

Raised by his Hispanic Mother and was hoping to get a transfer to the same jail as his brother was in.


Not long after I ran into a Lad I remembered from him being in a local Troop

He was /is a Eagle Scout.

I asked him what he was in for?

"Kid stuff - Stealing quads" He replied.

Just because!! I took the time to bring him up on my work computer.

His kid stuff, stealing quads entailed stealing almost 30 of them and reselling them!

He came from a very good family with good parents.

I spoke with him later and he said that he just loved riding quads!

But once he took one he didn't know how to return it, so he sold them!


I don't for a minute think that a great number of Scouts are going to end up serving time for murder.

Or that there are flocks of Eagles touring the entire country joy riding and stealing other peoples quads.

What is kinda strange both these guys were very popular with the other inmates and with the staff.

Both always seemed to be smiling and both did any work they were given to do.


I'd like to think that the good stuff they are known for has a little something to do with them being Scouts.


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