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A Scout makes a difference.

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This was a cubmaster's minute from our B&G banquet last spring:



Earlier this year in January (2008) I read a news story about a young man who foiled an attack on the president of the Republic of Maldives. The headline read: Boy Scout Foils Assassination Attempt. It went on to say that the fifteen year old boy was apparently one of the first to see and react to a man with the knife who was trying to stab the president. The boy was able to wrestle the attacker at least long enough for security forces to intervene.


Interestingly, the journalist who wrote the article did not give the boys name, but did make a point a headline of the fact that he was a Boy Scout. I think thats significant.


But thats not all that I wanted to talk to you about.


Around a hundred years ago, an American businessman was lost on the foggy streets of London, England. He met a boy on the street and asked for directions. The young man escorted this businessman to his destination to make sure he didnt get even more disoriented. As was the custom of the day, the businessman offered the boy a tip a reward for his help. The boy declined, stating that he was a Boy Scout just doing a good deed. The businessman was intrigued as to why this Scout would jump at the chance to help a stranger and not expect anything in return. Before returning to America, he investigated this thing called Scouting to find out what it was all about.


Here, one hundred years later, we still tell this story about a Scout whose name we dont know just the fact that he was a Scout.


I told you these two stories, in part, because they are examples of what Scouting is supposed to be. Im pretty sure that neither of these boys woke up one morning and thought, Im going to do something to make me famous today. They just did what they thought was right when the situation arose.


Whats most significant to me is the fact that one of these boys committed an act of bravery and heroism and saved a life a presidents life. But it was the other boy changed the world.


For the American businessman who was lost on the foggy streets of London brought Scouting to the United States.


And here we are today.


Dont ever believe that a small act of ordinary kindness isnt significant.


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