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True Story:


Went to Yosemite last week for a weeklong backpack trip. Started up in Tuolumne Meadows, ending in the Valley, which meant we shuttled our cars down to the Valley for us to pick up at the end of the week.


I left my GPS on the dashboard in plain site.


I put my 'club' on my steering wheel, but forgot to lock it.


I left one of the rear doors ajar.


I forgot to lock the car.



NOBODY, not one single person, touched my car the entire week.








( I will now reattach my head to my shoulders, as I obviously forgot that too! ).



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I ran into Scoutmaster Ron on the trail. I had invited his troop to use our other, unused, backcountry permit but they couldn't work it out. He was up there on a personal trip.


We had one group hike 7 days, 43 miles, and we met our weekend group at the end and did Half Dome together.


We also ran into 3 different scout troops along the way.


Yes, awesome place... I figure I've done 15+ backpack trips through there over the years...



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