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The Podcasts of PTC Media

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Have you checked out the newest podcasts from PTC Media?



Around The Scouting Campfire #11 (audio)

Steve and Buttons talk about the past year,

setting goals, learning the Cub Scout Promise,

and listener feedback.


Moms In Scouting Service #4 (audio)

Topics include Scout Sunday, respect and

courteous values, advancement paperwork

and organization.


The Scoutmaster Minute Show #48 (audio)

Some good winter camping tips as well as

lessons learned and a discussion on moving

the Troop forward.


Melrose Scouting Productions Podcast #80 (video)

Buttons answers questions from Cub Scouts

about Boy Scouting.


An Hour A Week #210 and #211 (audio)

Some Scouting news, a new Pinewood Derby website,

balancing Scouting and other parts of life,

some Webelos discussion, and more feedback.


You can download and subscribe to all these podcasts at PTC Media.


Do not forget to join us on the PTC Media forums.

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