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Official BSA Social Network Site: "Scouting Community"

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Yah, still a bit buggy at da moment, eh?


Also doesn't seem to be friendly to all browsers.


Be interesting to see whether they pick up any traffic, or whether they're so late to the game that it's wasted effort, kinda like da ScoutParents forums.




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Yup, BETA testing is underway. The software they are using has plenty of interesting and useful features. I like it! Not sure which browsers you're havin' problems with Beavah but it seems to work welll with both IE 7.0xxx and Firefox (latest release.) There have been a few bug reports but things seem to mostly work. National staff are spot on top of fixing problems with service on par of what I have seen of folks that are committed to excellence!


As that site becomes larger and more traveled I find it doubtful that I will spend much time on this site anymore. I tire of the interpersonal bikkering, even though I have been part of it. I find this sites software antiquated, not very user friendly and poorly featured. Heck it reminds me of those homespun trousers that Deets in Lonesome Dove wore, the owner seems to not want to ever upgrade to something modern that works across differing browsers. With the host of features BSA is offering I can see much more traffic that is focused to actual interest groups. Over there I am even using my real name! imagine being able to post inline pics! Imagine a user editor interface with built in markup commands. All of that and more. :D

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