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anyone publish using iWeb?

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I'm considering redesigning our pack's website using Apple iWeb, but publishing to our own ISP (you can publish from iWeb to Apple's MobileMe servers, or to your own ISP).


Does anyone else do that, and could you share your URL if you do?


Thanks, Melgamatic


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I recently created a site for our troop using iWeb. I am hosting it on my mobileme account but it could easily be published to another host. Because the mobileme address was to hard for people to remember I registered a domain name (with Godaddy.com) and set it up to forward and mask. Our URL is http://www.troop162.org


I had no previous experience with creating a web sit but using iWeb I found it was not hard at all. I worked with one of the stock templates and modified it to suit our needs. If you have the current version of iWeb it will be easy to see what the original was and how I modified it. Note that the size of the site (about 29megs) may be larger than what you would get on a free site from your ISP.


My only disappointment is that iWeb does not seem to have a good way to integrate a calendar format into the pages. I posted a calendar for download as a PDF file.

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