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Where’s My Unit?

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Hi folks,


Not sure if this really belongs here but it seemed the most logical choice available to me.


Just a nuts and bolts site question how long does it take for a unit to be added to the All Scouting Units on the Web section of the SCOUTER site? I joined the Forum back on 01-04-08 and submitted my unit shortly thereafter (I dont remember the exact date but it probably was within a few days of joining).


Ive been waiting with great anticipation to see my units name up in lights but it hasnt appeared yet.


I thought about re-entering the unit data but I didnt want to mess anything up.


Any advice? Should I re-enter the unit data?







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You think you got troubles until recently our whole council was missing. And there is still only one cub pack listed as attached to it. Computers are sensitive to GIGO problems and all the Scouter people have day jobs and units to serve too. Maybe they need some help to keep things updated.

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