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Nope, I talked to the 100th anniversary point man, a DE, and he asked me if I wanted to do one. :) They have really nothing to even start with, so I gave it a pass. It's really a shame. We are one of the larger councils in the country and the website history doesn't even list the names of the Scout Executives.

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Our council hired a local writer who specializes in these types of projects:




There is a softcover edition - $25.00, with an accompanying DVD for $5.00

The hardcover edition, autographed by the author is $95.00

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In Northeastern Pennsylvania Council we've put a LOT of local Scout history research out, though we haven't put a one-book history of the council out. It's more of a collection:


We combined some council history with the history of our council's boy scout camp. The book is called, appropriately enough, "A History of Goose Pond Scout Reservation." Written by Tom Kameroski, it covers 1920-2007 and has a DVD full of 80 minutes of rescued film footage from the 1920s and 1930s. It was a pretty successful effort because a lot of older Scouters came forward and shared recollections and photos. Pictures are a must for any Scouting history effort, because in this day and age a lot of younger Scouters and Scouts simply wouldn't believe what things were like "back in the day." The book can be downloaded for $10.00 from LuLu at http://www.lulu.com/content/1746661 If you want the DVD, I'd recommend ordering the softcover book from the NEPA council site (www.nepabsa.org).


Tom is a really dedicated historian. He dug up the old minutes of the council board meetings of the Scranton Area council (1928-1946) and got them published as well. The minutes don't always make for riveting reading, but they do show how a burgeoning coal economy promoted Scouting in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The book is available for $3.00 download at LuLu.com at http://www.lulu.com/content/1307831


Tom also put out "Ahmeek Lodge." This is the plan used for the Scranton Council's first Boy Scout summer camp at Goose Pond Scout Reservation in 1920. It includes administration, program, and facilities details. Again, it's at LuLu at http://www.lulu.com/content/1514944

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Yes, exactly. Years ago, when I first came to this council, one of the founders of the council was alive and well. I went to several events with him and he was very willing to talk about the early days. If only . . . But, he's long gone now. Nobody ever wrote down his story.

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Check with COuncil. Somewhere in your area there is a regional repository for your areas scouting history. Check out the local universities' archive departments. Ours is the Univ. Of Akron. They only had 1 box on my council, but we found out the date of our troops charter date, adding an additional 40 years to our troop.


There were letters dating back to 1915, along with al the merger letters that followed over the years.


Our COuncil, The Buckeye Council in Ohio, Published a Council history

back in 1981, but nothing since then.


Good luck.

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