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Our committee is a very dedicated committee that has had the same dozen people involved in all aspects of the committee and each individual den as leaders and co-leaders. We know have a fairly new district leader who now says we can't have Committee chair be any type of leader (assistant or otherwise), Charter Rep can't be Cub Master and so on and so on. If it weren't for doubling up assignments this Pack would be nothing - and the doubling up has been going on for years but this year seems to have created a huge issue. Any other packs having such a problem? How do you get parents of the younger dens involved....this dozen people will be moving on next year when our boys leave Web II's and go on to Boy Scouts

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The committee is the Pack Management Committee. They manage the pack.

The Den Leaders and deliver the program to the boys. If the Den Leaders and Committee members are the same people don't you think that there is something not right?

Then there is the BSA rules....


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