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A few weeks back at our key3 meeting I said that at the next meeting of the District Committee I was going to add 30 day goals to the Agenda.

These goals were for each committee within the District.

At the end of each report I asked the chair to list goals that would be reached within the next 30 days and charged the DE with following up to ensure that these were being met and reporting back to the key3.

I now hear that the Membership Chair is unhappy. He has yet to call me or tell me but it seems that he thinks that I am overburdening his committee. His 30 day goals which he agreed to at the meeting were to secure a venue in one part of the district, in fact the area in which he lives to hold a Tiger Cub safari recruiting and plan the ice cream social for August to train the units for School Sign Up Night.

I think that the 30 day goals will make the Chairs more accountable to the District and we will hopefully get a lot more work done.


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Hi Eamonn, I really like how you scout. I think this is a great idea. I will however suggest what might be causing the problem with your membership chair.


No one volunteers to fail. everyone wants to to a good job and get the rewards of doing so, The warm fuzzty feeling , the pat on the back etc.


But not everyone knows how to be successful. We have talked about the two jobs of leadership is to get the job done (production)and keep the group together (morale). The leader has a responsibility to make sure the team mmember has the tools and resources to succeed.


Has this person been trained in their job? Were they given a resouce list of places that can be contacted for hosting events, or of people who have been helpful in the past in putting them on. Just that little bit of help can make a big difference. Often that first step in starting a project is the hardest. If you or the DE would assist them taking that first step they will take the next ones on their own.




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Sad to say this chap has attended the District Training workshop. This is his first year as membership chair. The rest of the committee which includes last years chair are a very happy productive bunch. As to finding the venue, He had tried the local park and found out that they wanted $200.00 in the general discussion part of the meeting other committee members came up with a list of possible locations.

I may be guilty of not letting him know that both the DE and I are always there to help and support him.

Still I am not going to allow this little hiccup get in the way of what I think is a good idea. I have suggested that the District Commissioner start using 30 day goals for the Commissioner Staff.


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