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Scouting in Ireland

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I have the opportunity to visit Ireland next week, and I'm wondering if any Irish Scouters can recommend any Scouting-related places worth visiting while I'm there?

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All over, really. Dublin, Waterford and Galway areas for sure, as well as Belfast and Derry in Northern Ireland. But I'd be willing to take a detour if there's somewhere else worth visiting for Scouting-related reasons :-).

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Just outside of Dublin there is Larch Hill.

Which is for Irish Scouter's much the same as Gilwell Park is for English Scouter's.

Larch Hill is the national campsite, and administrative and training headquarters of Scouting Ireland. It was previously owned by Scouting Ireland

My Uncle at one time lived in Rathfarnham which is not far from "The Hill". It has always been a fairly well to do area and when my uncle lived there it was known for having a fairly large Jewish community.

It might be worth a visit, but remember most European Scout Camps are about kids and camping not tourists.

The Mount Melleray Scout Centre, in the Knockmealdown Mountains near Cappoquin, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Was?? A camp site (The last time I was there.) It has a fair sized dormitory centre, similar to Kandersteg whch might be useful for a group traveling from the USA?

The centre includes a museum documenting the history of Scouting in Ireland.

There used to be some Sea Scouts from Dublin that not so long back were fairly active on the Sea Scout Forums. You might want to post something about your visit there.

If your in Dublin and are not too lost!! (I have a Garmin with Europe installed!!) You might want to visit the Irish Scout Shop

The Scout Shop

34 / 35 Upper Liffey Street

Dublin 1 (Telephone:Dublin: 01 8722212)








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