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Ok, everyone, I know it's a strange name for a holiday. But really, we are celebrating the birthdays of BP and his wife Olave. It's a scouting holiday for boys and girls around the world.


Maybe this is the time to show a bit of scouting spirit in support of our daughters. Tell them how the girls showed up all unexpected at the first Jamboree. Encourage them to earn their gold award. Recognize the young women in your venturing crews for their achievements as Girl Scouts.


Yes, I know that "other organization" sometimes makes us feel less than welcome at the scouting table. But we are siblings. There probably isn't anything at all institutionally that can happen, but it's a good month to give goodwill. Creativity and maturity. Wouldn't a few new bridges be a good thing for our youth?

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Well said Cheerful Eagle....I almost took exception when you mentioned "that other organization", but it's true isn't it? Especially with those families that have no young ladies and are not exposed to GSUSA. But through good leaders and constant vigilance, we are and continue to be, one big scouting family!


Although I am a newbie to GSUSA, I look forward to our Thinking Day celebration next Friday evening. My Brownies and I will be taking part (first time) in a Neighborhood Thinking Day celebration (theme is international birthday celebrations) and we will be promoting the values of scouting and having a great big b-day bash!




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My daughter is a proud member of GSUSA. She is going all the way from WA to MN this summer for the jamboree. They temporary troop that they set up is quickly dissolving (leaders dropping out, girls dropping out) she really wants to go. It looks like her and another girl will be attending as a Juliette.

Speaking of Lady Baden-Powell, I have a copy of her book (1963 edition) that she autographed while at the World Jamboree in Idaho. I also have a picture of her with my wife's aunt that is signed. My wife's aunt was working for the Governor of Idaho at the time and was instrumental in securing all of the Jamborees in Idaho. She is still a very powerful woman in the state and can call up any of the elected officials, not bad for 93 years old.



Vancouver, WA

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