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What is the role and job of the Pack Trainer?

There used to be a knot that the Den Coach, could earn. Is there now one for the Pack Trainer?

What training is available for a Pack Trainer?

As far as I can see the only training that is available is the new Trainer Development Conference.

Does a Pack Trainer need to attend this before he or she can wear a Trained Patch?

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From my limited understanding (this comes from guess on my part and some information I got from Bob White) the primary purpose of the Pack Trainer is to provide training at the Pack level to the leaders and parents of the pack. I am doing this in several ways.

1) I am showing the fast start video, basic of YP and guide to safe scouting and explaining how the pack is structured to all new leaders in the Pack.

2) I am writing an article for our Pack newsletter on various subjects, such as YP Basics, uniforming, and the Pack Structure for the parents.

3) I am also trying to get all the training material for all the positions in the Pack from district so that I can make sure that I am teaching the program according to BSA. The best way I have found to do this in my Council is to be on the District Training staff.


The main thing to keep in mind that you are there to make sure that all the Leaders in the Pack are getting the CORRECT training and they have a resource they can goto to get the CORRECT answer to their question.

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Good job fboisseau, I like the way you grabbed the job and ran with it.


To answer Eamonn, the primary role of the pack trainer is to see that all adult volunteers are encouraged to attend training, have information on available training and that htey see the fast start Video as soon as posible.


The next level of the job would be to attend Trainer Development/BSA 500 and develop yourself as a trainer so that you can deliver the basic units of training within your own unit. How this is handled varies from council to council and district to district, so contact your district or council training chairperson.


Bob White(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Many thanks to Fboisseau and Bob White, you are both right on the money.

About 20 years ago, I spent a week just outside Chingford, and every time I asked a question, the reply was always, "Check your resources."

So I opened the up-dated copy of the Cub Scout Leader Book.

Everything is as Fboisseau, has stated.

However, I still want to know who trains the Pack Trainer? The Trainer Development Conference, is a nice course in how to deliver the message, but it does not go into the program.

Also, why is there not a recognition for this position ?

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