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CSDC and Shooting Sports Standards: NEED HELP

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Can anyone provide a copy of the shooting sports standards fro CSDC, especially diagrams if available? I ask b/c I was informed that the district's day camp may be held at old summer camp that is in the district. MY OA chapter is going to be working on the old rifle range for OA purposes, but I would love to help prep the rifle range for use at CSDC. The camp has been neglected, but the new SE want to change that and have the camp used more often. Please PM if you need my contact info.


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What you want is "Shooting Sports for Cub Scouts" Pub. #13-550.


I don't think it is "officially" available online. You should check with your Council Store. My copy is c/r 2004. Someone nearby will have a copy you can copy.


Gunpowder firearms are inappropriate for Cubs, but air powered BBs are ok with appropriate planning and Range Officering, etc. Also Slingshots and Archery, which our Cubs really love.


Think basic safety: Range demarcation, access limits, target backups, safe technique instruction and practice, range discipline and decorum, all that stuff.



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All the ranges set up at 15' from your shooting line to your target line. BB-gun, cub archery, and wrist rockets. They are quite easy to set up. You want a good bit of separation between ranges so you don't have to shut down all venues at once. You might want to check with the local law enforcement agency if they want to check them especially if your location is a park or visible to the public. We set up ranges in very little time and even set up temporary ranges for council cub family camps in order to be close to all the activities rather than far away at the normal boy scout range area. We have found that sign stands like the ones on the side of the road make excellent target holders. Lengths of rope serve for the firing line and the entire range area is roped off, caution taped, and signed. Don't forget the flagpole to fly your red range active flag.

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