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My replacement as Den Leader for my Wolf den just made his announcement. "Red Bull Mondays" I think it's a wonderful idea. Red Bulls and then send them home for bed. That'll teach the parents that BSA isn't Babysitters of America, right? LOL.


Actually, we've had snacks at the end of meetings sometimes. But in all honesty, I don't think the boys really miss them when they are not there.

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We rarely had snacks at our den meetings. For pack meetings, there were a couple of indoor ones where we had food but it was more common when we were outside (campfires/smores in Sept/Oct, family picnic in June, that kind of thing)


The "best" den snacks we did were where the boys helped make them. So we went hiking and the boys made up little bags of trail snack first. We did a little outdoor cooking as bears and webelos. We did a couple of den meetings while working on the science belt loop and scientist pin that included baking - what happens when you change some ingredients in Choc. Chip cookies, or leave one out, and why? They had a blast with that one and happily ate the results (we kept changes and omissions within the realm of edibility).


But yeah, juice & cookies or whatever were not a regular feature of meetings and nobody seemed to miss them.

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