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When I went to BALOO training, in the handouts there was a check-list to prepare for a camp-out. I started well before the campout with getting permission and tour permits and progressed all the way up to the campout itself.


I cannot find my copy. Does anyone out there have a copy that they can email me or know where I can find one online? Even if it is not that specific checklist, I am looking for something to prepare my first time campers and their families.



German Beaver

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I have my Baloo info as I just completed it last month. Do you need Appendix E Cub Scout Pack Campout Planning Calendar or Appendix F Cub Scout Outdoor Program Checklist? Let me know which and where to send it and I will scan it in and email it to you.

Or check out http://www.buckskin.org/Resources/Forms/Forms.htm


Look at the bottom under Cub Scouts.

Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)

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