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One Night At Camp....

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Went to visit my son at camp this week. He is up there with his troop. They have 38 Scouts and I have no idea how many leaders.

All the boys seemed happy, and well fed.

It was parents night. In his troop this has become a giant covered dish picnic, with parents, grand parents, all the kin coming up for the fun.

The camp has an Anything That Floats Race, at the lake. I'm not up on all the rules, but they have lots of people from staff on and around the lake. Everything looked good to me. The Scouts all had fun. Even if some of the "Boats" failed to float.

There were six troops from my district up at camp, so looked in with them, just to day Hi, and share whatever was going. ( Yes I just love cake and cookies)

Also met a lot of boys and leaders from all over the council.

We spent some time talking about nothing.

I did get two invites to graduation parties.

Had a very quick meeting with the Q.M for Wood Badge, to go over menus.

Went to the parade ground for colors and then watched the O.A. Call out.

Real neat, with flaming arrows across the lake, Indians crossing the lake in canoes.

Spent some time with the area president and tried to put all the wrongs in the Veuture program right, but it will take more the ten minutes!!

Presented one of the ASM's from my son's troop with his Wood Badge. Think I have two more participants for the course.

And went home. While I know that I ate more then I ought to have.

I went home feeling really happy,

Here in one night I had seen Scouting at its best.

All the meetings, and all the money were being put to good use. The Cub Scout program had worked, a lot in fact most of the Scouts at camp were wearing the Arrow Of Light.

The Adults were doing what they needed to do, maybe the training that they had taken was helping them do their job.

I had spent time with a bunch of people who I really care about.

But most of all the Scouts were having fun.

This has to be Scouting at its best.

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Eamonn, thanks for the great report!


Sometimes we're so busy doing our thing with the scouts, going to meetings, trainings, getting ready for the next meeting or campout etc., that we fail to sit back and see all the we have accomplished! I think we can all benefit from sitting back once in awhile, and appreciate all the benefits and opportunities scouting has opened up for us and our sons.


Heading off the Summercamp tomorrow and i can't wait!! Although i do have to go get packed ;)






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