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I don't usually suggest specific sources for gear, and I don't necessarily endorse any but LED lights can be bought at several retail outlets that are located in most areas:


Target Store - now appear to be carrying a nice variety of LED Lights for good prices. New lines include "Rock River" and Inova. The little Inova micro lights are inexpensive and are good lights.


Wal-Mart - has carried LED lights for a while.


Academy - carries a wide variety of LED lights as well.


There are probably others but Target and Wal-mart are located across the US.


I really like the "micro" LED lights from Photon and Inova. I think the Photon lights are better but they are usually more expensive. I have a couple of Inova microlights and while they are a bit larger than the photons, they are less expensive and seem to work well. The new versions have microprocessors in them that can activate three levels of light including a flashing mode. The light colors for the Inova that I have seen are white, red, blue and green. I usually wear a micro light on a neckchain where it is always available.


I bought an adapter kit for my 2 AA cell Mini-Mag light. (Got it at Wal-mart for about $5) It has three LED bulbs in it and the light now lasts hours rather than minutes. It replaces the original mini-mag bulb and reflector. I carry it in a little leather belt pouch combination with a Leatherman tool.


And I have an Engergizer LED headlight - about $10-$12.




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