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Plug for Beantown & Volvo Ocean Race

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The Volvo Ocean Race stops in Boston the next two weeks and apparently the World Organzation of Scouting is an associated organization. The race is an around-the-world sailing race on 70' high performance sailboats. This race is a decendent of the first Whitbread Around-the-World race back in 2000.


On the schedule of events, Saturday May 9 is shown as Scouts Day. Units in the area might want to check it out. (Note: Times & Dates shown on the Website are continental style, i.e. the day comes before the month.) See the websites below for additional info. Check out the video on the first one for real, "high adventure". This should definately be of interest to SeaScouts.






Saturday 09/05/2009

09:00 - 00:00 Scouts Day: it's the Scouts Day at the Race Village with a day full of activities

09:00 - 17:00 In-Port Race of the Volvo Ocean Race. Where the power and performance of the Volvo Open 70 can be seen up close and personal



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Lucky you to be so close! I wish I could take our troop or provide a local Sea Scout Ship to attend.

On the other hand, we will have the Spanish tall ship Juan Sebastian de Elcano in port in early June to celebrate our city's 450th anniversary.  I will definately have our troop there, as well as the Sea Scouts.

Have fun with the Volvo yachts!  I have followed the races online since the 2000 Whitebread.  Always exciting (for a race which lasts several months)!

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The boats head to Galway this Saturday but not after what appeared to be a well attended scout event on scout day. In addition to the race crews other important scouts were in attendance...in uniform.


See http://www.jamd.com/image/in-search/images/#66g86872837


For the Sea scouts in the group, the boats put on quite a show in Boston's inner harbor last Sunday. Match races in the harbor, running under shortened sail in 30 - 40 knot gusts.





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