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The description below comes from another camping website, however it accurately describes Camp Richard on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts. This is a unique scout property (100 acres) on a resort island better known as an escape for the wealthy than a scout camp. You pass the Kennedy compound in Hyannis as the Ferry heads out of Hyannis Harbor. On a windy day, the kite and windsurfers may include the Junior Senator from MA.


Our unit recently returned from a weekend trip and had a great time. Biking, ocean swimming, sun, surf and sand. The island also is a great spot for surf casting. While the trip can be a bit on the pricey side,(about $50 per person) for a weekend or a bit longer, we used some of our fundraising $$$ and paid for support vehicle ferry fee with troop funds. The cost to scouts was around $20 for the weekend. (Try and find a hotel room on the Island for less than $300-400/night) Camp Richard is the only camping facility on the island and is only open to scout units. The facilities at the camp a very good, most are recent construction and clean. (A great outdoor shower!) The camp is under utilized (so we were told) and can usually accomodate those that would like to go. They can handle up to 5 units at a time. The ferry is a factor requiring advance planning. To reserve a place for a vehicle during the summer/early fall plan several months in advance. If you go and contact the Steamship Authority, be sure to mention you are a scout group. Group rates are available and are the ones listed in the article below.





Camp Richard---Nantucket, Mass.




Camp Richard is located on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts. This is a B.S.A camp and is well keep. Only registered Scouts, Explorers, Scouters and parents of Scouts will be permitted use of the camp. The camp has a shower house with hot and cold water, flush toilets and a small building with a number of refrigerators to store food. There is also a new large recreation building for use by all. The camp has numerous game fields and the best obstacle course we have ever seen at a Scout camp. Usually only four troop are allowed to camp there at one time. The main campfire pit allows for a joint campfire by all troops in camp. Every troop staying at the camp will have some type of chore to accomplish every day. These will be worked out by the SPL's and Camp Master. Use the camp as a base for visiting the rest of the island. The island is loaded with bike paths. Bikes will be your primary, if not only means of transportation around the island. We normally stay 3 days and take between forty and fifty Scouts and Scouters. The main cost of the trip will be a box van. The troop takes a 30 foot box truck-this thirty foot bumper to bumper-loaded with all troop gear, food and bikes. The cost for a round trip ferry trip for this truck was $412.00 in 2002 and the same in 2003. The Scouts carry a day pack for personal gear and use when biking and going to the beach. Some of the best beaches on the East Coast are located on Nantucket; our favorite is Surfside about a mile from the camp. Sight seeing is one of the favorite past times on the island. If you have never been to Nantucket you are in for a treat. Nantucket Town is a treasure as are numerous other small villages through out the island.



We usually charge Scouts $50.00 and Scouters $60.00 for this trip.

This will cover the cost of renting a box truck, the R/T ferry for the box truck, all the food-we do troop cooking, the R/T ferry cost for both Scouts and Scouters, and the cost of staying at the camp.

If someone knows where to get a deal on renting the truck or getting it donated it will save a couple of hundred dollars.

There is usually money left over to purchase Camp Richard patches for all.



Make sure all your bikes are in good repair before leaving for Nantucket. Bikes are also available for rent at Young's Bike Shop right at the ferry landing.

When the ferry lands at Nantucket the bikes are unloaded and everyone then rides to Camp Richard.



For a R/T ticket for a thirty to thirty-five foot box truck, the cost will be $412.00, in 2003.

R/T tickets for persons UNDER 15 years old are $10.40 in 2003

R/T tickets for everyone else are $20.80 in 2003.

*** You need to make reservations for your truck and people at least six months in advance. If not you may not get a spot on the

ferry on the day and time you want and need.


The Steamship Authority's phone number is 1-508-548-5011-x244/344. This is the group sales office.

Their web site is: http://web1.steamshipauthority.com/ssa/


Camp Richard:

The camp is operated by:

Camp Richard Campers Association, Inc.

PO Box 3002

Nantucket, Mass 02584


Robert Graves is the District Chairman and he is in charge of Camp Richard, his phone number is 508-228-9868.

The cost to stay at Camp Richard is $2.50 per person, per day in 2003.





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