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Uniforming at a BOR

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The Scout should be neat in his appearance and his uniform should be as correct as possible, with the badges worn properly.


And if complete as possible is a suit and tie or a nice shirt & slacks or jeans and a t-shirt then there should be no problem.


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I feel that if you wear the uniform, you should wear it in it's entirety. No scout shirts with jeans or cammies or whatever. If you don't want to wear the complete uniform, then don't. There is no requirement to even own one. Wear something else that's appropriate but don't mix and match. That's not just at a BOR, either.

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This has always been a tough subject. We try to balance cost versus the family situtation.


Our troop of 7 provides the patches for patrol, rank and merit badges, we also sell the troop numeral patch at cost. We've even gone so far as to provide the rank badge in a small holder that attaches to a button.


This doesn't mean they attach any of the stuff on.


We only require the uniform shirt up to Star. At Life its expected to have scout pants and socks. For Star, Life and Eagle the sash is expected to be worn for SMC's and BoR's.


Two of the boys follow this as best they can, these same kids bring the scout book to every meeting and they wear the uniform when they leave the house. These two advance in rank and have very partial MB's.


The rest, well sometimes I wonder.


If the boy doesn't have his scout book or uniform shirt at the SMC he is asked to come back OR I'll make arrangements to meet at his house or some other place.


One boy came in dressed to the nine's for his SMC for Star, but at the BoR he wore just a troop t-shirt. The TCC cleverly gave the boy a BoR, but told him that the decision would not be offical until he showed up in uniform. The boy didn't wear a uniform for three months, when he finally did wear it he was told he passed as of the new date. This cost the boy a chance to attend an event.


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