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Any leaders out there wearing an olive or tan tie?

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I have the olive tie. I used to wear it to ECOH and Scout Sundays. But now I'm into Venturing and so, no tie, just bolo.

It would be cool to find one of the old Explorer ties (Red) to wear for a formal event. That would stand out! ;O)

When was there a tan tie? With what uniform?





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Captainron14 wrote "When was there a tan tie? With what uniform?"




According to the National Council's website, the tan tie is a neckwear option for the current Male Cub Scout Leader's Uniform. It states:


Neckwear is also optional for leaders, but there are a handful of options:


Necktie - An olive or tan dress tie may be worn.

Necktie - A Cub Scout leader bolo tie is also available.

Leader Neckerchiefs - A Cub Scout leader neckerchief with navy blue with gold edging and gold Cub Scout emblem may be worn by all Cub Scout leaders. Specialized neckerchiefs are also available for Tiger Cub den leaders and Webelos den leaders.


I guess you would have to find an olive or tan necktie on your own, because the National Supply Group does not offer an official BSA olive or tan necktie.


I just bought a vintage BSA Leader's necktie (still in the original box)on eBay.



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Yes, I own both the older green tie as well as a rarer tan tie. I normally reserve their wear for more formal events like CoH,B&G and cross-over ceremonies. I only wish that the current uniform shirts had the proper collar for wearing a tie. The older olive green uniform shirts are made for a tie, and look very sharp with it too I might add.

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