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What are your thoughts about commercial patch traders? I recently found a patch at auction on e-Bay that I designed for a council event that was given only to participants. It was being offerred by a commercial trader thousands of miles from me. He must have gotten it from the patch company since it is unlikely that the few dozen we had made would have traveled so far.


I don't mind scouts and scouters exchanging and trading patches. But now it seems that our council is coming out with 'anniversary' and special event patches simply as a fund raiser.


Basically, if I haven't earned it I don't wear it, and I won't sell the patches I have earned.



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I don't think people who collect patches are trying to pass them off as earned, it's like collecting stamps, just a hobby.


I traded EMS patches briefly, but it was more a part of meeting paramedics from other places than for the patches themselves.

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