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Spring 2004 Recruitment and the Tiger Uniform Orange or Blue for the spring kids?

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Units that did a spring recruitment for Tigers rightfully told the parents that he Tiger uniform was the Orange Tee Shirt and jeans. Of course if you recruited in September the uniform changed and was now the blue Cub Scout uniform.


How do you go about doing a uniform inspect for these packs? What do you tell the parents?


The reason I ask, is that we have pack like this. The (now) former UC did a uniform inspection and stuck his foot in his mouth. Everyone got upset, and it created a lot of discomfort all the way around. I am now the new UC for this unit and Im searching for ideas.


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It's been awhile since Cubs for me, but...


I take it you are talking about a unit that has both orange and blue shirted Tigers and that there is some basis that 'both are kind of right' because of the recruitment schedule. My common sense tells me not to make a big deal about it during a pack inspection. Mark them both off as okay (telling a 7-year old who is just proud to be a scout and wearing his orange shirt that he is technically wearing the wrong shirt would probably not go over too well no matter how nice you are about it). If asked about it, address it by saying that because of the uniform transition both are acceptable for this unit for this year. However, you look forward to coming back next year and seeing everybody in cub scout blue.

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