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HUGE Merit Badge University - Iowa/Illinoise area

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I'm a brother of Alpha Phi Omega (the fraternity based on BSA) and our annual Merit Badge University has been scheduled for Feb. 17. Over 30 badges will be offered including 7 that are required for Eagle Scout. The local district is offering adult training classes for the adults (youth protection, safety afloat, safe swim defense, leave no trace, Weebolos to Scout, Life Scout to Eagle Scout, Youth advancement and Adult Recognition.)


Shelter can be arranged for troops traveling the night before.


Please email us at iowambu@yahoo.com for a flyer


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The official list is published, here are the badges to be offered:


American Business,Cit. in the Community, Energy, Law, Rep. and Amphibians, American Cultures, Cit. in the Nation, Engineering, Medicine, Weather, Architecture, Cit. in the World, Environmental Sc., Pulp & Paper, Art, Crime Prev., Fingerprinting, Family Life, Public Health, Astronomy, Disability Awareness, Fire Safety, Safety, Aviation, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Salesmanship

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