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Cook kits

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Greetings to all.


I just stummbled onto the site tonight and I hope someone here can help. We are dusting off an old troop that has been mothballed for 7 years. to make a long story short we opened the troop trailer this evening, and it like the troop was not stored correctly. Everything was basically ruined! We will be of course trying to get monetary support from local sources that is not why I am here.


I am hopeing that someone can point me to somewhere on the net or otherwise with blueprints for cook kits ours are ruined by weather and little furry animals. We are thinking that getting some new ones made will be a moral boster for the leaders and show the boys we are serious about getting things rolling.


Thank you in advance.


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First off welcome to the campfire ( or to be somewhat PC the online roundtable ;)


You mention cook kits, do you mean Patrol boxes? Or other cooking items? That might help us narrow the search.


I will look for a site for patrol boxes and if I find one I will send it over


http://www.troop168.net/forms/patrolboxC.htm might one to look at





Are two that I came up with. Sorry for not knowing how to post them as links, but I will work on that. Good luck


and welcome to the forums




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