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Your question reads, "...as a Scouter". In that regard I'd have to say I'm grateful for the privilege of having the opportunity to do my part in teaching boys to make good decisions, to survive in the outdoors and use good common sense, to teach leadership skills and to, one day, be remembered by some of them as someone who helped form them into decent and productive men. This is what it is.

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Earlier I posted a message indicating what I was thankful for receiving from Scouting from when I started as Cub Scout until now.


As a Scouter I am thankful for the chance to pass on what was given to me. I am also thankful my son and those of my friends and neighbors have the opportunity to learn there is more to living than video games. I am thankful for the energy the Boys pass to me every time we have a meeting or participate in an event. Finally I am thankful for all those who are willing to take the time to pass on what they know, learn or see to those of us who still have questions and problems to solve.


Mike Nicholson

Dad, Den Leader, Dispatcher


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