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Scouting America- Scouts Hike Across America

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Dear Scouts and Scouters,


Due to the prohibitive cost and our small budget Scouting America needs help building a web site. If you could help us with this cause please contact David Muse at Dmusephoto@aol.com, or 828-771-5938.




To Whom It May Concern:


As we stand at the beginning of this new century, in the shadow of the past and in the light of the future, many of us under thirty are left wondering what still unites these United States. Even more, we wonder what will hold the imagination and loyalty of those who do not know their history and have never had to defend their liberty.


In this breach we see the Scout program as an essential link to our past and future. With its commitment to duty to God and country and its strong emphasis on character and adventure, this program can and will capture the hearts of youth in the 21st century as it did in the 20th.


Yet, in this age of ever increasing technical connection and individual isolation, the Scouting program has a need for radical exposure as never before. What we are proposing is a new "Lewis and Clark" expedition.


With the support of the National Office, I, Chad Partain and another Eagle Scout, David Muse will begin a hike across America in 2001. In uniform, we will carry the flag from Jamestown in Virginia to the Spanish Missions in California.(we will be on the discovery trail 98% of the time) Such a trek, at the beginning of this new century, will serve to highlight the fact that adventure is not dead and that the frontier is closer than we think.


If Scouts undertake this hike, then other young people can see that our program is a source of adventure and a means to self-reliance. We believe that such an endeavor is the best form of service we can offer to the program we love and support. It is our vote of confidence in the youth of this country and in the traditions and values embodied in the Scout Oath and Law.


In this way, we can show the world and our own people that faith in the ideals embodied in the flag is not dying with the men who fought in our wars. At the same time, as Scouting approaches its 100th anniversary in this country we can demonstrate, in a very real way, that the Scouting movement is more than just a faded Rockwell icon of a vanished generation. This march would show that the idea of duty to God and Country is not dead and that it is still a vibrant force for good.


At present, we are a nation interested in 'survivors'. If we are allowed to undertake this march we can let the world know that two Eagle Scouts can survive and thrive in our country today. Our generation finds itself connected to the world and isolated from one another and our past. This hike can give this generation a glimpse of what we should be united to - our flag, our country and one another. We think this hike can capture the imagination of a world grown cold with cynicism. We also trust that patriotism and hope are not dead and that this cynicism can be relieved. We want to help in that relief by being able to offer first-hand accounts of our findings, by being able to say we saw America in 2001 and found it good.


We hope that your organization will lend a hand by submitting a letter of recommendation and support that we can include in our presentation to the National Office. We also hope that you can make your members aware of this march and its goals. Dates and itinerary information will be made public soon and will be sent to you for publication. We hope that you will join with us as we make this hike for our country, our youth and our future. Thank you for your time and consideration.


This proposal is submitted out of loyalty to Scouting and what it represents. We believe that such an endeavor can have a great impact on the imaginations of many in our country. If you will send us off, we will make this journey for you, for ourselves, for Scouting and for our generation. Thank you for your consideration of this proposal.


We remain, Sincerely yours in Scouting,


Chad Partain and David Muse


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