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I am a new Assistant Scoutmaster in my son's troop and am very excited!--completed Scout Adult Leader Training 2 weeks ago and loved it! :-) I'll be helping out our Scoutmaster at the Patrol Leaders Council tonight, as we have a lot of issues/planning to do and are working with a new group of patrol leaders. Does anyone have any creative ideas on how to help the boys stay focused on troop business at a Patrol Leaders Council?

Thank you, Shoshana K.


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One of the most important tools that is taught in Junior Leadership Training (JLT), which all of the new young Scout leaders in your Troop will need soon, is the method of using the "Question" instead of instructions or orders to control any situation... like arguments between Scouts on a campout.


Using this method, you can lead the discussion and guide the creative juices of the young Scouts by asking questions which will cause them to think along the certain lines you have initiated. An example could be if the conversation has drifted to talking about what someone did on the last campout (getting away from the discussion about the next campout), you might ask, "How could you Scouts use this funny situation or event to make the next campout better or more fun for the Troop"?


When they get a little carried away with their planning and think of going to Disney World for Christmas school break, you could ask,"How do you think you will be able to convence the adult leadership at the next Committee Meeting to cover the cost of tranportation, food, and lodging without breaking the Troop bank account"? Or, "Do you think ALL of the Troop will be able to go or should this trip be for only the wealthy families in the Troop"? "Is that what Scouting is all about"?


You can really work wonders by using just will thought out questions and allow them to THINK up the answers. This does need to be a BOY LEAD Troop.

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