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Advancement and Board of Reveiws

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We have over 40 active boys in our Troop with an advancement chair. & and assistant and we do let them sit in on a Board of Review. Like an Eagle Board, we try not to place asm's who work closely with the boys to sit in. As long as your advancement chair. isn't working too directly on their step-by-step advancement, we think it's OK. The only other thing our advancement chair does is that she's a counselor for swimming & lifesaving merit badges.

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As already stated before, our Advancement chairman usually introduces the Scout to the Board of Review and covers how he has met his qualifications. Then, only if no other ASMers are available, would he sit in on the B.O.R. the main reason is not to shun him but because he is already doing so much work - and we have SM2000!

By the way, he would certainly NOT sit in on his own son's B.O.R.

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