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  1. Oh yes... I believe every Troop has come across this issue. Summer Camp: I have taken the lead for the last 2 Summer Camps, I must tell you, I am not a fan of the Friday Family Night! Home Sickness sets in and well you heard the rest. We have had the usual 1 or 2 scouts that leave early, then it's like a domino effect, more start to ask. You have to be firm with the Scout and the Parent. The ones that must leave, there's always the chore of cleaning up the patrol boxes at the next meeting. (usually it's the next day, Monday) If there are no patrol boxes, then it's clean
  2. Hey Gang... I too am in the thick of Wood Badge training. Having completed the first weekend and now heading to the second weekend. I have NO clue what to set as my ticket goals. The ideas I thought would be great ticket items, well, my guide shot down. So I am in a fog. Almost feel like it is NOT going to happen. I tried to email my guide with 5 updated items, but no response. Guess I will try to call him. Frustrating to say the least. If this doesn't happen, ticket goals, by this weekend, all this is for nothing. Thanks for lending an ear... Doug I "still am" an
  3. I really like: "Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope - HEADLIGHT!!" (Everyone Freezes!) What else is out there??? Doug " I used to be a Antelope, And a good ol' Antelope too...."
  4. Let's hear a CHEER! Let's see who has the best CHEER? =) Doug
  5. Hi All... My turn to chime in here... My position in a few days will be SM I have been a ASM for a couple years now. Guess it is my time! My good friend is stepping down. He will be my right hand man for many years to come (if I have any say in it!). I am currently enrolled in Wood Badge, anyone know of a good Antelope cheer, please let me know! Gotta love being a Scout/Scouter in Colorado! Doug
  6. Hmmm Interesting... Am in the training now... Beaver: Lt. Blue Bobwhite: Blue Eagle: Red Fox: Tan Owl: Black Bear: (can't remember) Buffalo: Dark Blue Antelope: YELLOW Doug "I used to be an Antelope, a good ole' Antelope too... "
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