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    Please wear it! It will allow the board members to see what merit badges you've earned to get you to the point of advancement. As part of the full uniform, I say it's a must.
  2. Having been at Philmont in the summer of 1999, the answer we were given regarding the Bull and tail question, before it was even asked from the head of the camp was, "Go buy one at the Camp Store and if you want to put the tail up, go ahead". The reason was that there are so many people out on the trail as it is, they didn't want more going out onto the trails because they wanted it to be a "special experience" for the young men/women already out on the trail.
  3. I want a method for my wife to display the pins that she gets when my boys advance in rank. I know the newest scout catalog show these small ribbons, but she would need to wear 5 of these for the 3 boys I have in Scouting right now. I have 6 sons. At Philmont in 1999, I saw a few ladies with a homemade cloth item they wore around their necks with their mothers'pins on them. If anyone knows about these kind of item, please let me know. Thanks! (I'm a first time user here...this is all new to me)
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