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  1. I was hoping someone could trouble shoot a propane lantern for me... I have a double mantle (tie kind) propane lantern that I put on the top of a "tree" that comes out of a 20# cylinder. It worked beautifully for 3 nights. I could turn the gas all the way on and both mantles had that bright, white light producing glow. There was no flame at all. Just clean burn. Then...on the fourth night I lit the lamp, it had yellow and red sooty flames around the mantles and I couldn't turn up the fire without just feeding the flames. The flames are, of course, not bright at all. So, I t
  2. Hey all... Scouting was my life growing up. I was a Cub Scout (Arrow of Light) and a Boy Scout (Eagle). I was very active in OA (Vigil). I was an SPL in Troop 71 of the old Indian Trails Council and Lodge Vice Chief for the old Sassacus Lodge 10. All that being said...my true devotion was and is still to camping. I love everything about camping. I've done everything from Philmont and Okpic (Maine Winter High Adventure), to "camping" on the USS Massachusetts. My most vivid memories of my child hood are of troop campouts and my friends in scouts. My "home" camp is J. N. Webster
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