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  1. what we do in my sons troop is we have a leather bead fob that hangs off the scouts belt. it has 4 leather "laces" with a bead at the end of each lace. when the scout is not being a good scout, the scoutmater removes a bead. the scout then gets a talking to. on the removal of the 2ndbead the scout,scoutmsterand members of comm. have a talk. the 3rd bead the scout, sm & comm. member and parents then meet. and they are all told that if the last bead comes off the scout is then asked to leave the troop. we do this every year. every year all scouts start off with 4 beads. even if they hav
  2. what my sons troop does is we collect approx $2.00 per person and have a bbq with hot dogs/chips/soda and then have our court of honor.we wait until it is almost dark to start the court of honor for the camp fires to be great!
  3. as a district cub roundtable comm, district training comm. acm, member of scout troop comm. i hope that i can help you with your problem. we have a pack of 70+ boys and that we came up with is a "Paws port". this is a list of pack meeting and events dates and times that are printed on a piece of paper that is small enough to glue into the back of the boys book (i know that this won't work for tiger cubs, but the parents can glue this into their big book) as the events took place was then stamped their books. this helped the parents keep up with what was happening at the pack. i also recomme
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