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  1. Thank you for all of the great ideas. This has been extremlly helpful. Here is a summary of what I have planned. 1) Talk to the DE 2) With the assistance of the DE find a chartered organization. I have six in mind. I have no doubt that three would say yes. 3) Talk to the chartered organization and get them on board. 4) Communicate to the local packs about their cub scout crossing over can stay in town. 5) Talk to closest troops to my town just in case they may have some scouts or adults that would prefer to be in their own town. And to let them know I will not be recruiting
  2. I live in a community of about 24,000 people. In our community we have two successful packs that have been around for at least 25 years each. All of the boys in both packs have to go to another town when they cross over to boy scouts. We have a number of troops in neighborhooding towns that are 4 to 10 miles away. Our community used to have a boy scout troop that folded about 10 years ago from what I can gather. The town has changed a lot in those 10 years and is really growing. I have been in many positions in cub scouts. For the district I am a new unit commissioner that I cur
  3. Thanks for all of your reply's. This information is very helpful. There are a few comments that I would like to make. 1) I totally understand that I could have handled this better my self. My preference would have been to find a way to talk to the SPL and encourage him to look at how the troop was hiking and see if there wasn't a way to pull the troop closer while they hike. This ASM does not allow other ASM to talk to the SPL without going through him. He will even pull that on the SM. Maybe some of my frustration of not allowing the younger scouts to get a break came out. BTW
  4. I am an Assistant Scoutmaster with a local troop. This last week we were on a hike with our troop at summer camp. The faster older scouts would stop for a break until the younger slower scouts would catch up. Then the older scouts would move on not allowing the younger scouts to have a break. After about 3 times of this I asked my son, who was in last place, to stop as soon as the older scouts started moving along on the trail. I moved about 10 feet up and asked for a buddy check. The acting SPL called the buddy check and said everything was ok and for the troop to move on. I ask
  5. I am wondering if anyone has a good process that they have used to decide on a patrol name for the Webelos? Tonight I thought I would try and let the boys run this part of the decision making. I gave them some basic instructions on how to act and communicate to come to a decision. They started out great! Then 4 of the 6 boys decided they would just make a decision. One of the boys did not ever get to talk about the name that he wanted. The 6th boy kept on changing his mind. I am thinking that I gave them too much rope and they eventually hung themselves. So, how do I get this t
  6. When I started in cub scouts with my son we were really confused about how things worked. It seamed that things just happened based on what the committee chair wanted. Typically good things happened but many decisions did not make sense to me. Then about a year ago I took over as the committee chair for our Pack. During that time we have made attempts to document the process that we have and create a standardized process for the topics that were somewhat gray. I am hoping that this will create an inclusive environment and help incoming scout families understand our pack. One of t
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