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  1. Howdy I would like some new ideas on den participation at pack meetings. Having been a scouter for many years(off and on), I have been racking my brains for something new. The old standbys of opening, closing ,songs, skits jokes, flag ceremonies, escorts have been used to death,. I do realize that every 3 to 4 years the programs repeat thenselves, but during those years those cub scouters are hearing basically the same things that they have heard of before. Can anyone help me out here. Thanks Frank
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    As a member of the roundtable staff I was disappointed to see that the majority of the tiger cub sites are down/not functioning. Has anyone else noticed this or is it a problem on my end. I am interesting in purchasing pow wow books from various parts of the country. If you or your council has any left over please contact me with pricing info. Does anyone know if the bsa is going to publish a small book on all the great neckerchiefs slides that the old boys life mag used to carry. frank cavanaugh old pueblo dist roundtable staff catalina council tucson az
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