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  1. Thanks everyone...there are some great ideas to work with here. All sorts of things popped into my head when I thought about some of the songs you suggested, and I have most of those songs in my music library (as embarassing as it is to admit I still have the vinyl for Barry Manilow and Bobby Goldsboro). Keep the ideas coming! Thanks again.
  2. We're putting together a 12 minute slideshow/video for the B&G that will feature pictures of our departing webelos, beginning with when they were tigers and progressing through wolf, bear and webelos. We need 3 or 4 songs for the video as background music, but are struggling to come up with songs that talk about boys growing up. We think we'll use Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." The only song we could come up with that talks about a boy growing up was "Cats in the Cradle," but in that song the dad and son never find time for each other, and that's not really the message we're trying to send! Any ideas? Thanks for your help!
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