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  2. Hey everyone my name is David Batchelor I'm an 1995 Eagle Scout from Troop 109 in Jupiter, FL. Over the past couple years I've formed a business with another Eagle Scout Chris Casale from Troop 38 from Naples, FL that I met while we both attended college at UCF. We provide outbound calling services that started with a wake up call service but have recently evolved into something much more powerful and something we both think that scoutmasters, parents, and scouts themselves can find really useful. It's called www.DialMyCalls.com and it lets you record a message and then send out it to a list of phone numbers all with a couple clicks of the mouse. It's totally free to use for up to 25 calls a day which is plenty for most troops. If a council or chapter is interested in doing larger call volumes we can cut your price way down if it's scout related. Sorry to seem kind of spammy but I just came across the forum and being scouts ourselves we know it's a really good match and something you can all find very useful!
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