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  1. Well, it took awhile and the last post almost has it right. What can I say, it is NOT FAIR. The council would like to see every new scout obtain 1st class with in a year or so... give or take a few months... Take a new scout 11 years old... not much opportunity to swim, not much opportunity to conquer the fears they may have of water or maybe some physical limitations. I was in Cub scouts for 7 years, a ASM for 3 years and a SM now for just a few months and also a Unit Commissioner for almost a year. Worked with multiple Troops and even a Venturing Team. Been to Cubby Camps with boys just
  2. Demonstrate that your living..... what are you doing today is the question....... Demonstrate that you live........ what have you done and what are you doing... Yep no real difference... but when I review this with scouts I always ask past, present and future.... in other words... how have you, how do you and how will you... this is an opportunity to give a challenge to the scout to look back, look at the present and how can I be better... give it some thought...
  3. See that this tread goes back aways and glad I did not read it before going to the camp....Our troop also just returned from MMSR.... 06/22-06/27... and like the last post we had rain every night, some with hale...Now will admitt that I don't a ton of experience at scout camps... been to just 6 in the last 3 years. Yep 2 a year for the most part.... MMSR is a good solid camp. Good facilities, good food, good staff. Yep there were rough edges so for those of you thinking about this camp please consider it one of your top choices. It is good getting better and to get better needs the support o
  4. My son has a 3xta, great tent...dry too, except when there is a user error..... which happens far to offen.. On our last camp out at Medician Mt Scout Ranch SD it rained every night...hard, sometimes with hale..... lots of fun.... stayed dry except for when they left the fly open...or sleep against the side of the tent.... Will make one comment on quality... the zippers are bad news, at least his is.... following next camp they will both be replaced... he has about 14 setups... in 3 years with four summer camps...
  5. Frist of all many thanks to all that responded... it has been great feedback... from some of the responses there may be confusion due to the way I posted... I apologize.... to clarify some points.... + Only the scouts that went on the planned Troop/Patrol/Scout activity for the hike / ride are looking to obtain credit for the activity. ++ Those that otp'd out are doing the requiremts based on reviews and the agreeement between them and the MBC. Those scouts are NOT looking to have the those hikes / rides counted towards their Rank Advancement. +++ The MB's were offer to the whole troop, not a
  6. Sorry for the post that first provided the subject of "Camper". It is my first post and did not fully understand. Will make every effort to ensure the quality of the post meets the standards of this forum.
  7. Hmmmm found me .... gun ho parent.... been there done that and still doing it.... Asst Cub Master, Wolf Den Leader, Asst Scout Master, one troop and Committee Member for another. Been to Cub Training CM Specific, SM Specific, Outdoor, Den Chief, Baloo, would be going to WoodBadge this year but heck running out of cycles.... Have only been this involved for 3 years and one of those in Boy Scouting..... before that just a Webalos Den Leader for 2 of those years. ok, so I am a boy scout in 50 year old suite... but here are a lot of us out there and we are very frustrated when the troop does no
  8. Good Evening... have the following question... see if I can stir up some opinions tonight....Have scouts that is going for first class.... they has been working on merit badges also.... hiking and cycling with other members of the troop. There have been scheduled events with those that are working towards these merit badges within the troop. Two deep leadership has been present during the events and the events are treated like any other, permission slips and tour permits are secured when they are taken to specifics locations to hike or cycle. Some of the scouts have opt'd not to go
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