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  1. We are not running a Varsity Team. It is a Venture Patrol. The Varsity Team Program Features can also be used for Venture Patrols.
  2. If you're referring to my original posting, I am talking about a Venture Patrol, made up of the older boys within our troop. The literature I am referring to is the Varsity Team Program Features, for Varsity Scout Teams and Venture Patrols. (This is directly off the cover.) Alan
  3. Hello, We have a crew member that want to go to Philmont next year but he has to take refrigerated insulin once a day. Do they have the ability to handle this? Do you know of a way to handle this? Thanks, Alan
  4. Thanks for your help. "I don't understand your question about lecturing? Forget lecturing and start listening, once they come up with an idea of what they want to do, you can lead them to the resources and support them as they prepare to do what it is they want to do." What I meant is this: I want to provide them with the opportunity to achieve the Venturing V and activity pins to place on their sash, by doing the activities as outlined in the VP Program Features. I feel having a set of requirements to fulfill before receiving each pin would be best and give them a very clear idea of
  5. Hello All, I recently volunteered to become one of two ASMs over the newly created Venture Patrol. When I agreed to this new position I was thinking it would be made of hand-picked boys that exemplified Boy Scouts. Instead, it was opened to all Scouts that met the age and rank requirements. While this sounds OK, many of the boys that want to be in the Venture Patrol are very un-Scout like at times and are very disruptive during the troop meetings. Now, I know in most cases this is because they are older and are bored with the programs we have. I also realize this is a chance to bring the
  6. OK. I think I might be making headway. If I understand correctly, the Venture pamphlets have been replaced with the Varsity Team Program Features Volumes 1-3. And the Venture Patrol members would wear the Varsity V and pins as they complete the programs. Can anyone tell me if this is incorrect, let me know. Thanks, Alan
  7. Hello, We have started a Venture Patrol in our troop. It is my understanding that each VP member can earn the V letter by doing one of the 14 Venture Patrol programs as defined in the Venture pamphlets. (see bottom of this site -- http://users.tznet.com/~troop379/litlib~1.htm ) After "lettering" in one of the programs the scout also gets an associated pin to place on the V. For each additional program the scout completes they get another pin to place on the V. (see http://www.usscouts.org/advance/boyscout/Venture.html ) The problem I am having is finding the pamplets to
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