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    Fighting Apathy and Mediocrity

    In my opinion, apathy in scouting has more to do with the adults that with the kids. I think universally, the one thing that makes a troop successful in commitment by the adults, the kids will follow if they see the adults are energized. Unfortunately, our society does not encourage or immediately reward adults who spend time and energy in social service organizations, so the energy that adults are giving is dwindling. I think to succeed, Scouting needs to recognize what the adults are looking for and provide it, the adults will then energize the kids. Most adults are looking for ways to connect with their kids and provide entertainment and well as lerning opportunities, not only for their kids, but for them as well to interact with the kids and with other adults. I say, look around and what the adults in your area are needing. If you provide a structure that meets their needs, I think the kids will follow.