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  1. For the past few years, I have seen a decline in the amount of passion, heart and drive that Scouters put into the Program. By the Grace of God, the local Order of the Arrow has managed to remain active thanks to a few effective leaders. But the troops within the district are in shambles. The District Executive does what he can, but he is not God, and cannot make miracles happen. It seems we are fighting apathy left and right. Any ideas????????? We don't want to see Scouting fail in this area and if you have any stories about this subject and how you managed to overcome the "battle of apathy", please post 'em! Thank you!
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    Scouter Apathy

    Do you think apathy is the sole attribute for why Scouting is having trouble in every facet?
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    Scout Spirit

    It's a sad commentary on our times. Growing up in New Mexico wasn't the easiest thing I ever did. I was put down for being a Scout all through elementary/middle school. But in high school things changed. I am now a college junior majoring in Public Relations and am a third generation Eagle Scout. I don't personally have a "miracle cure" for the way Scouts are perceived by their own peers. The truth of the matter boils down to the fact that those who are Scouts are a notch above the others. Those who choose to put down Scouts, are definitely part of "the superficial insecure crowd", not the "cooler" crowd by any means. Scouts need to be brave--one of the 12 points of the Scout Law I might add--and in due time, they will find their niche and flourish. If the Scouts would devote time to what they want in their life and not what others think, they will be better off. I think parents ought to hone in on this too. My dad is an Eagle Scout and I looked up to him and knew that I couldn't let other opinions drag me down. Just another case of survival of the fittest!